This is the household item you’ve all been waiting for! Is it a closet? No. Is it a public toilet with ill-placed windows? No. Is it the 2 person infra-red sauna? YES!!! And it comes at a favorable price of only € 2 699.00 – a real bargain if you ask me! And you won’t […]
During a recent trip to India, my friend Håvard purchased an innocent looking doll for his daughter Rebekka, however, the doll was equipped with an obscene object that apparently was meant to look like a drum stick. The resemblance of something quite different is striking. The photo shows Beate, Håvard and a weird object!
I spotted the ‘Clothes Drier’ at an electric appliance store the other day. This aptly named machine aspires to dry your clothes in a more efficient way, but I wouldn’t throw away my tumble-drier just yet. The Clothes Drier consists of a vertical cylinder mounted on a tripod with an electrical oven about fifty centimeters […]
While scouting for something to make the removal of leftover bread crumbs from fundamentally useless irish bread more efficient I encountered this laser-gun looking device. Vacuum cleaning might have been fun had I been in possession of one of these when I was little. Nowadays I am more uncertain as to whether this is the […]