Number 10 hook in human fleshVreid lead singer and Avinet co-founder Sture sent me these touching photos from his annual salmon fishing expeditioin to the once famous, now apparently empty, salmon river Gaula in Trøndelag. The thumbnail photo shows a no. 10 fly-hook (accidentally) embedded into Stures index finger.

The photo below shows a wall exhibition of fishing gear removed from various body parts of fishermen so far in 2007 at a local medical facility near the Gaula river. Though traditionally thought of as a peaceful and tranquil activity, fishing does hold it’s dangers for those involved!

Stuck on the board are the various types of hooks used with a small hand written note saying things like “Man 33, right index finger”, “Man 26, left ear”, “Man 52, unmentionable” etc.

Wall mount of notable objects removed from fishermen thus far in 2007

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