Kven: Meg sjølv Kva: Jordan på tre dagar (i minste laget) Kvar: Petra, Wadi Rum, Karak, Daudehavet, Nebofjellet Når: 12-15. Februar 2009
Not even as a failure had my misadventure been complete. My walk had yielded several photos of the mountain I had wanted to climb with which I was pleased. And, the sunset had been—as is the custom of sunsets—faultless. But… to every silver lining, there is a cloud, and that cloud was now on my […]
— ‘You like my car, sir?’, asked Abdullah, visibly proud of his ageing Land Cruiser. Abdullah was my driver and guide for my day’s outing in Wadi Rum. — ‘It is an, an…, ah yes, an INTERESTING vehicle’, I replied; using the word ‘interesting’ as one does when at a loss for a something to […]
I was standing on the rock formation known as the ‘Little Bridge’ in Wadi Rum, posed for a classic tourist photo. I am not in the habit of appearing in my photographs. However, on this occasion, I needed some scale to convey the dimension of the scene. Now, I am no conventional ‘matchbox’ and the […]