The United Arab Emirates have mountains, too—not merely sand-dunes. These are mostly in the north and […]
It is a curious feature of humanity that we tend to obsess over what we are […]
While it is always nature that fascinates me, it would be wrong to forego the cities […]
When I arrived in the Emirates, I saw the giant desert dunes as surrogates for my […]
Winter, unless it comes with plenty of snow and cold, crisp, sunny days with blue skies, […]
❤🇧🇪 It may not be an Iguaçu, a Victoria or a Murchison, but the Belgian waterfall […]
My first meeting with the Belgian coast was the Zwin. Many years ago, I was bicycling […]
The ‘castle’ is a prominent feature of the Belgian countryside, albeit perhaps more appropriately described as […]
In a week of celebrating Belgian nature, it would border on criminal neglect to omit the […]
Today, I am directing my attention to the High Fens, in what is, without doubt, one […]