🎅 Today, on Christmas Day, I would like to write the praises of my daily retreat […]
I have claimed in the past that Belgium doesn’t have any mountains. That is true, objectively […]
😀 I owe some appreciation for the country that has been good enough to have me […]
I am one of those people who may be found in the shade of at the […]
Continuing a wee bit further along the rough but barely cyclable track from Bluff Beach we […]
We had just arrived at Bluff Beach and were looking out at the decidedly violent waves […]
Except for lake-fishing, the career paths that lie open to the people of Uros are limited […]
I had read up on the floating Uros Islands before arriving in Puno. I had become […]
My mid-life crisis had primarily been a peaceful experience; there was no motorbike in my garage. […]
Ten and a half hours on a train IS ten and a half hours on a […]