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On purpose to visit a conference I set out for Algarve, accompanied by three wise men – Terje Aaberge, Svein Ølnes and Ivar Petter Grøtte – one of which had in his posession a summer house conveniently located near the conference venue.
London and Oxford (England) A bed with walls, that is the best description of my hotel room. Although not a suitable venue for space consuming activities such as standing up or sitting the hotel was an excellent base for the trip. London London is is busy, it is grand and it is splendid in many […]
Hamburg, Cuxhaven & Bremen (Germany) Allthough the Germans are open minded and friendly people I can’t help but think that the sight of me and Ivar Petter cycling un slightly undersized bikes in our slightly oversized suits must have been the single most stupid sight to be seen in northern Germany in the summer of […]
We hired a van – with a driver – to take us around the Scottish countryside – via Stirling to Loch Lomond. The lady on the phone told me that his name was Big Jock. and instantly I regretted the whole thing…
The problem arose when we started looking for our hotel. Ivar Petter and me decided after a brief logic reasoning session that easts was probably “that” way and we set out in look for the hotel. Now – have you ever wondered where prostitutes go after retirement from Reperbahn? Well – I know now; they […]
Dragør is a small and unremarkable place compared to many of the great sights of the world – however – the beautiful yellow painted houses, the narrow streets and the good general atmosphere make you feel that you have landed at a pleasant spot all the same… The reason for my visit was attending a […]
Asplan Viak Internet as or Avinet as it is often dubbed is an independent company in the Asplan Viak group. I started working for the company in 2001 when it was first started as a consultant. When the former MD left I was assigned this post.
Sogn og Fjordane County Council The county council is the regional political level in the Norwegian system of government. I worked for the regional development department for three years, working with spatial planning, international project activities and GIS related work.
I have been working freelance for the university college as a lecturer in GIS – Geographical Information Systems – from 1998 to 2001. I have occasionally also given lectures in Maps, Geodata and Remote Sensing.