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Having been working with ICT for the better part of 11 years now I feel I am at liberty to have a say in the debate on Open Source vs Commercial Software. Here goes… The main point I would like to make is not one that will place me in this or that camp as […]
I often curse at the unwelcoming climate in Norway in the interval of time between November and February but, as a compensation for freezing, atleast we have snow. What is the “�%&/ point of winter in Luxembourg, or any other non-skiing city in the world? Starting the year off in a slow manner, business didn’t […]
Founded in 1550 by Gustavus I of Sweden, Helsinki is today the capital of Finland with a population of roughly 570 000 (2006) spread out over an area of 186 square kilometres. The national stereotype is someone who can sit idle in a sauna (at about 80 degrees) for several hours without uttering a word. […]
Situated in the region of Northumbria between the Scottish border and North Yorkshire, Newcastle upon Tyne has a population of 266 000 inhabitants (2006) distributed over roughly 112 square kilometres. The settlement dating way back to the romans, the city owes its name to a castle built by the Normans in the year 1080. Locals […]
With social networking sites ever on the rise, new problems arise with them. One of the latest is “social networking fatigue” which is what kicks in when you become a member of one too many arenas that require your presence your interaction and thus a part of your time. The earliest quotation that mentions the […]
Located in the Dravinja Valley in the north east, Slovenske Konjice spreads out over 98 square kilometers and is home to a population of modest 13 600 (2006). Less than one hour away from the capital, Ljubljana, the scenic landscape and wineries are easily accessible even on a day trip. Slovenians are an agreeable bunch! […]
Turin, capital of the Piedmont region and a major industrial city on the banks of the river Po, home of close to one million Italians. For four september days in 2006 the city was put under severe stress by an additional 308 Norwegians. Two study trips per year is one more than the doctor prescribed […]
The 2006 Avinet study trip: Returning to Iceland for the third time made it no less of an experience than the previous visits. Iceland is wilderness, it is raw nature, it is hot springs and it is a busy urban community – all at once.
There is little to say about Luxemburg but that it has done nicely out of the European Union in terms of working places, regarding its modest size and Frenchish population.
Aviemore, Scotland (2006) The annual conference of the North Sea Commission and the Interreg North Sea programme was held at the outstandingly vulgar MacDonald Highland resort in the ski resort town of Aviemore in the Scottish highlands region. I was there to present GeoShare in the company of colleague Ivar Petter who were also there […]