Having been working with ICT for the better part of 11 years now I feel I […]
I often curse at the unwelcoming climate in Norway in the interval of time between November […]
Founded in 1550 by Gustavus I of Sweden, Helsinki is today the capital of Finland with […]
Situated in the region of Northumbria between the Scottish border and North Yorkshire, Newcastle upon Tyne […]
With social networking sites ever on the rise, new problems arise with them. One of the […]
Located in the Dravinja Valley in the north east, Slovenske Konjice spreads out over 98 square […]
Turin, capital of the Piedmont region and a major industrial city on the banks of the […]
The 2006 Avinet study trip: Returning to Iceland for the third time made it no less […]
There is little to say about Luxemburg but that it has done nicely out of the […]
Aviemore, Scotland (2006) The annual conference of the North Sea Commission and the Interreg North Sea […]