Above: My colleagues in Asplan Viak Internet at the top of Great Sugarloaf Mountain, County Wicklow, […]
Above: the planet Earth, and with it; the Internet, as seen from the moon (“Earth-Rise” image […]
Back in May I posted my Google search results for people’s feelings towards Facebook following a […]
One would think, with the massive uptake of mobile technologies, that the public pay-phone would already […]
Having spent the better part of the evening debating with my good friend Anders A Fitje […]
Back in 1999 my “mobile computing platform” consisted of a Palm Pilot with a grayscale screen […]
The last few weeks FaceBook has spread like a wild fire througout Norway. The major newspapers […]
Acting upon an invite from friends and colleagues Olga and Rob of MDR partners I decided […]
During Easter week I had to go to London on a meeting to prepare a project […]
Mi kjære mor har teke steget ut på verdsveven i ein alder av sytti-noko. Det er […]