Above: My colleagues in Asplan Viak Internet at the top of Great Sugarloaf Mountain, County Wicklow, […]
Laurdag tok eg turen over frå Gjengedalsstøylen til Fitjestøylen. Ein fredegleg syssel tenkjer du kanskje, men […]
From me and my two companions, Harald and Øyvind, arrived at Bastia Airport until we were […]
During a recent trip to Ireland, me and colleagues Heather, Ivar Petter, Jostein, and Rune visited […]
Acting upon an invite from friends and colleagues Olga and Rob of MDR partners I decided […]
High-brow, well-educated, Norwegian families do not travel Tenerife. They do not travel to any of the […]
Har for fyrste gong vore i ‘Syden’. Nærare bestemt på Tenerife, ei av dei største øyane […]
I often curse at the unwelcoming climate in Norway in the interval of time between November […]
Founded in 1550 by Gustavus I of Sweden, Helsinki is today the capital of Finland with […]
Situated in the region of Northumbria between the Scottish border and North Yorkshire, Newcastle upon Tyne […]